Innovators come in all areas of business. From those bold enough to try somethings straight out of a sci-fi novel (3D printing, cars the drive themeselves, Google Glass, smart phones), those who accidentally created something new (velcro, popsicles, potato chips) all the way to the person just trying to solve a little problem and coming up with something that turns the marketplace upside down (grommets, kongs, and even Greek yogurt).

It’s not about coming up with the “BIGGEST NEW THING IN THE WORLD” up front, but sometimes just looking around you at the little picture and skewing your angle just enough to see where there is a void that can be filled with something more helpful that what is out there now. The next time you are looking for new ways to increase your marketshare or revenue stream, how about not only working to move the needle, but maybe get rid of the needle altogether and use a rod instead.

What does your business really have to offer? Now let’s bring it into the Interactive space in a big way and really disrupt the way the market moves.

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