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Looking Up


I’ve been starting this new C25K thing that a trainer at my gym told me about. It’s a cool little app that helps you get your body from cookie eating on the couch into the kind of shape you need to do a real 5K. It’s been a struggle for me, but I’m slowly but surely moving forward with it. It’s a goal that I am very excited about. So, as I was huffing and puffing on the path the other morning, I noticed something interesting about myself. It seems that the days where I have perhaps not gotten enough sleep or perhaps overindulged a tad the night before, I […]

How to Get More Out of The Moment


Always be present and never miss the moment. It’s funny how simple that is in theory, but it seems that especially in today’s digital age we are always distracted and our minds and thoughts somewhere else besides wherever we actually are. I am a very true example of this. I am after all a very “digital” girl. I always say it. It’s a passion of mine – emerging technology. I am always needing to be connected, always afraid to miss something going on elsewhere, always looking for more and more information or entertainment – so much so that many times I do miss the moment. I miss the brilliance of […]