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How to Start Your Marketing Plan – Part 2: The “Dreaded Marketing Objectives”


Great! So, here we are. We have done our initial homework and really have wrapped ourselves in our customers skin (well, not literally, that would be very creepy and take away some of the people we could sell our “Cool Thing” to). We have a great understanding of who our customers are and what they are really in need of. We may have done interviews and even come up with some very detailed personas. (See Part 1: Know your audience!) Now, I’m going to skip defining our branding and unique value proposition, as I’m going to pretend we already have those little bits of business goodness already completed. They each […]

How to Start Your Marketing Plan – Part 1: Know your audience!


I really can’t emphasize this enough… KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! You have a business – a GREAT business, a fabulous product and the most amazing idea that everyone will totally love – so what now? How do you get that amazing “Cool Thing” in front of the eyes of the amazing, cool people who will want it? You need a plan… a solid strategy and an actionable plan for the marketing of your amazing “cool thing”! Well, we know what our “Cool Thing” is. We worked hard on our “Cool Thing’s” business model. We filled in all the spaces… dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. We know our value proposition, […]

What the Heck is Branding?


I had a chat with a friend recently who is looking to take his business to the next level. We were talking about websites and marketing and standing out from the crowd. I asked him about his brand. What makes it special – different from the rest of the competition? Who is his customer and what is it that draws them to that brand – his shop? He didn’t know. He wasn’t really sure what I meant by “brand”. Let’s just take a look for a second at this concept of “branding”. He like many people, think of branding as the logo, website, marketing or advertising when actually your brand […]

What You Need for Your Business


Cover all areas of web and digital for your business! What more do you need? My career has grown over the years into something that has moved the needle for multiple businesses, grown client bases, increased revenue and lead generation and enhanced user experiences. With experience in strategy and planning all the way through production and marketing, I merge all elements of design, development, social media, search engine optimization, email and cross-channel marketing. How will that help you? It’s really pretty simple. I take a look at the business goals (What do you really need) and the target audience (who has a need) and translate that into viable and amazing […]