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What the Heck is Branding?


I had a chat with a friend recently who is looking to take his business to the next level. We were talking about websites and marketing and standing out from the crowd. I asked him about his brand. What makes it special – different from the rest of the competition? Who is his customer and what is it that draws them to that brand – his shop? He didn’t know. He wasn’t really sure what I meant by “brand”. Let’s just take a look for a second at this concept of “branding”. He like many people, think of branding as the logo, website, marketing or advertising when actually your brand […]

How to Stay on Top of the Technology


Technology – and let’s be clear, I am talking about all technology, but ESPECIALLY technology in the Interactive space – is always in a never-ending state of change. It is in continuous flux and always undergoing a metamorphosis of one type or another. It’s not only in that constant state of motion and re-creation, but it’s also really the one thing these days that truly has the capability to disrupt the way things are done all over the world. It’s all about paying attention to your market and the new technology and seeing ways to fit them together “WHERE IT MAKES SENSE”. Nothing makes me crazier than hearing about some […]

Innovation and the Little Picture


Innovators come in all areas of business. From those bold enough to try somethings straight out of a sci-fi novel (3D printing, cars the drive themeselves, Google Glass, smart phones), those who accidentally created something new (velcro, popsicles, potato chips) all the way to the person just trying to solve a little problem and coming up with something that turns the marketplace upside down (grommets, kongs, and even Greek yogurt). It’s not about coming up with the “BIGGEST NEW THING IN THE WORLD” up front, but sometimes just looking around you at the little picture and skewing your angle just enough to see where there is a void that can […]