The new and updated version of the Dilbert brand and online presence with its added social interactivity, learning search (See “Dilbert.com Uses Custom Search to Increase Revenue” by Susan Kuchinskas on ClickZ) and user-generated content made a big splash with the Dilbert fans and the media. There was a lot of buzz about the changes and how Dilbert was now fresh and relevant for the newest members of the élite tech savvy and corporate dominated fan base. Those changes also contributed to increasing the online reach from a little over 1,000,000 unique visitors a month to over 3 1/2 times that amount after launching the new brand, website and the new distribution channels; which in turn increased ad revenue and more revenue opportunities like the Dilbert store.

Dilbert, the icon of office workers worldwide and one of the world’s largest comic brands, went interactive and Dilbert’s fans were not the only ones taking notice…

“The mashed-up punch lines are part of a grand redesign of Dilbert.com, one aimed at bringing the comic deeper into the lives of its many fans…” – Salon.com

“…a good illustration of how media is becoming ever more conversational and interactive..” – Brad Stone, New York Times

“To me, it’s great that everyone will be able to get free access to the Dilbert archives, but I have to say that the interactive part of this news is what has me more excited.” – Daniel Terdiman, CNET

“Dilbert keeps getting more web 2.0 every day. After launching widgets earlier this year, Dilbert creator Scott Adams is opening up his comic strip’s punch lines to be rewritten by readers.” – Kristen Nicole, Mashable.com

“Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams is giving his readers a chance to try to prove that they’re funnier than he is.” – Mike Musgrove, Washingtonpost.com

Dilbert Creator Embraces Web 2.0 – Information Week

Think You Can Outsmart Dilbert Creator? Here’s Your Chance! – Wired

The Widgets

…with Dice Job Search Functionality

Not only did we let the user use Dilbert on whatever sites they wanted to with a complete library dating back to 1989 for free, but then we added Dice job search functionality to the plate as well. I mean, who else can find you a better job than the one you have than Dilbert? So now we have Dilbert being showcased by his truest fans all over the web AND at the same time we are monetizing the experience by offering those “who choose to use it” the opportunity to look for a new job while they are laughing over what kind of trouble Dogbert is getting up to. This not only gave us new advertising touch-points generating revenue, but a truly unique user experience that was relevant to the audience.

iGoogle Themes for Peanuts brand and other comic properties

Google was moving forward with its new iGoogle platform, but it was in the early stages and they wanted to make it more entertaining for the user, so they came to us to create some comic themes to add to their growing variety. They asked for Peanuts and some others we felt were popular throughout a divergent audience, so we came up with themes for Peanuts, Dilbert, Nancy Classics and Pearls Before Swine. We built these themes specifically at the request of Google for the big launch at Comic-con 2009. This was a great way for us to increase visibility and reach for these properties – and in the case of Dilbert, Peanuts and Pearls Before Swine give yet another way for their fans to get more entertainment value and ways to interact with their favorite comics. It even helped increase product sales.

Chatter on Dilbert Mobile!

Dilbert mobile was released and started growing at 2500 new ‘active’ users per week. This also gave us yet another new consumer touch-point, but also a new revenue stream for those who subscribed as well as a new advertising platform. It also, very importantly made the fans happy. Take a look at this write-up on Fidelity.com by Gary Krakow, TheStreet.com Senior Technology Correspondent on Dilbert Mobile.
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…and a few of the posts that came across Twitter:

  • Installed ‘Dilbert Mobile’ 4m OVI Store – 1 of my favorite strips!!
  • Dilbert app for blackberry is fantastic, but killing my sleep.
  • For any friends of mine: do yourself a favor and download the Dilbert App and read as far back as you can… It’s worth it
  • loving the @dilbert app on my bb. makes me lol every time!
  • This dilbert app is the greatest app in the history of apps. All apps want to be like it.
  • Get the Dilbert app sooo funny!
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