What is an Interactive Strategist / Producer / Marketer?

I get asked what I do pretty much daily and I used to have a hard time explaining it.

I say I’m an “Interactive Director” and I get a blank stare back and a comment like “Oh, you do websites”? I then would try to go into the nuances of what “Interactive” really means. How digital marketing differs from traditional marketing. How the new world digital marketplace is a continually growing and evolving beast where you always have to be paying attention – keeping up – or else you get devoured. How the space includes all your standard interactive things like web and mobile, but also amazing new things like interactive billboards, packaging, and one of my favorite cool disruptive technologies as it focuses on ecommerce – virtual subway shopping (yes, an actual virtual wall of products you can look through and buy from as you are waiting for a train – Say what?)… and let’s not even forget interactive paper!

Well, as you can tell, this kind of explanation can take a while and get into a lot of detail that not everyone is as passionate about as I am (don’t get me started on “emerging and disruptive technology” – No really… DON’T!). What most people are truly asking is “What is it that you do that can help me”. So instead of going into all the ins and outs of the digital landscape today and where I think it’s going tomorrow when they ask me what I do, I have learned to narrow it down to this (now I warn you – this is not for the squeamish):

I make (sh)it happen online… and I (try to) make it amazing!

That’s basically it in a nutshell.

Anyone in the Digital or Interactive strategy, production or marketing space makes (sh)it happen online, in mobile and in any other digital medium they are lucky enough to work in. We look at the business goals and we come up with ways to accomplish them in the Interactive space. We combine a knowledge of tech and marketing. We are part business strategist, part project manager, part tech geek and part marketing whiz if we are to do it right. We need to really “get” what the goals are (sell more widgets), who are target audience is (widget lovers around the world) and then come up with the plans to make that happen… mainly in the digital space.

It’s really an easy 11 step formula:

1) What is the goal?
2) Who is the audience?
3) How do we get the audience what they want/need?
4) Come up with the strategies needed for #3.
5) Create a plan based on #4.
6) Gather the resources, organize, move forward.
7) Tweak and adjust as things change around you!!!!
Always remember technology changes will not wait for you to finish your product/project! Be ready to spin on a dime if you need to! Change is a part of growth. Get used to it!!
8) Test and analyze
9) Back to #7 (for the record, #7 and #8 can go around a few times… be ready!)
10) Launch…..

wait for it

11) AND back to #1

We run the race in a never-ending circle of strategy and creation to try to make the most amazing digital product that fills a void and accomplishes a goal. Piece of cake.