Looking Up

I’ve been starting this new C25K thing that a trainer at my gym told me about. It’s a cool little app that helps you get your body from cookie eating on the couch into the kind of shape you need to do a real 5K. It’s been a struggle for me, but I’m slowly but surely moving forward with it. It’s a goal that I am very excited about.

So, as I was huffing and puffing on the path the other morning, I noticed something interesting about myself. It seems that the days where I have perhaps not gotten enough sleep or perhaps overindulged a tad the night before, I have a tendency to keep my face down and watch my feet and the actual path I am jogging (OK, mostly “walking” in my case, so far). I find that on the days I am well rested and really excited about doing the run and making it to the finish and how great I am going to feel once I can actually do, I have a tendency to look up and watch where I am headed to my actual goal and the view along the way.

It seems like that is the way it happens with business for me as well.

I notice when I am not happy with what I am doing or the direction it is taking, I have a tendency to look at the tasks and just try and put one foot in front of the other to get it done. On the other hand, when I am excited about a project, where it is headed, what we are achieving… something very different seems to happen. I’m looking ahead. I look to the goal – the “win” – and I find myself flying passed the hurdles in the way.

Same as I do with the C25k.

Because I am so thrilled with the prospect of the outcome and I can see that goal within my reach, I can whip through the tasks needed to get there. I enjoy them, and yes, even thrive on them.

Be motivated by the idea and promise of what you are achieving and your eyes are on the goal.

So the question is, what do we need to make sure our eyes are on the “win” How can we keep our heads up and looking at the where we are headed and not slogging along watching our feet? What do you do to keep motivated and moving forward?

I know for me, it’s about just taking a breath and looking up. Once I do and see the beauty of what is surrounding me and how my goal is not just possible but ahead of me, it is so much easier to move those feet forward and get there! It’s also a lot easier to steer clear of the trees along the way!