AI Prompts to Easily Send a Little Cheer this Holiday

Little girl writing a holiday card

This holiday season, let’s “address” the stress in a new way! Imagine crafting and sending holiday cards that spread joy, not just through the mailbox but also in the making. With AI stepping in as your ultimate holiday helper, this festive period can be enriched by technology – but with a twist!

In the second of our four-part holiday series, we explore the art of AI-assisted holiday card creation. This year let ChatGPT help you transform card giving from meh to magic.

Created by Laura Medley with Imagine by Meta AI

But this AI journey goes beyond just card giving. From picking the perfect gifts to whipping up festive feasts and decking the halls, these ChatGPT prompts are here to help make your holiday just a bit brighter. Each article in the series has five ChatGPT prompts, real-world examples, and precise responses to guide you through a stress-free holiday.

Send Your Friends a Merry Little Christmas Now

Or any holiday or event for that matter.

For those in a hurry, we’ve prepared a “Quick Prompt List” in the article. It gives you quick access to each prompt without all the extra detail. Here is what you can expect:

  • Personalized Messages Prompt to jump start your heartfelt, funny, or professional greeting.
  • AI-Designed Holiday Cards Prompt to try your hand at AI art incorporated into your card.
  • Handcrafted Card Prompt to create not just a card, but a gift to last a lifetime – well, depending on how well you make it anyway.
  • Selecting Card Materials Prompt for when you want to make something that “feels” special.
  • Mailing List Management Prompt to make sure all those cards get to the right people in time for the magic of the season.

Ready to get some fresh ideas for your card giving this year? Head over to Medium for the full article and discover how to make your holidays brighter, smarter, and full of cheer with a little help from ChatGPT. And don’t forget any last minute gift giving!