What You Need to Know About The AI / Content Strategy Relationship in 2024

A woman collaborating with an AI on a computer screen

2024 is going to turn a new page in the craft of content strategy. As we take a peek into the future, artificial intelligence is one character that completely stands out. Not as the lead – the masterful human storyteller is still going to be in that role for a while yet. No, all signs indicate AI is really going to shine playing the part of the trusty scientist back at the lab. AI will be key to crunching the numbers, analyzing the data, and all the other fundamental tasks that build bridges between the consumer and the storyteller.

All of these tasks are essential for a quality content strategy and all of them can be daunting for a strategist who doesn’t have experience or mindset in data, analytics, heuristics, or other more technically focused skills. This is where artificial intelligence will really help. The beauty of it is that there are already tools and platforms being built to accomplish all those essential tasks and more. In 2024 AI will be working behind the scenes to empower those storytellers with the information they need to craft compelling content.

It’s actually already started.

Neil Patel Video: Future-Proof Your Content Strategy in the Age of AI

AI Tools For Your Business

Here are some of the AI offerings that can already contribute to your business success:

What’s Next for AI and Business?

These companies and their products are just a few of the businesses that are integrating AI into different areas of content strategy, from creation and personalization to analysis and optimization. As AI continues to evolve at such a high speed expect new tools, developments, platforms, and ways to work to grow along with it.

So, what does 2024 have in store for content strategy in this AI-human partnership? All of this and so much more. It’s an exciting new chapter.

Ethics and AI

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

With all this opportunity to go far beyond what we have ever been able to do before, we need to keep in mind that we have responsibilities as well. AI can be used for amazing new ways of working that can streamline efficiencies and create things never before thought of, but – and this is important – it can be used for the opposite as well. Bad actors aren’t worried about this part, but you and your company need to be. You need to carefully navigate the ethical pathways that come with this kind of advanced technology. You will need to focus on what this means to your business for the sake of your brand, reputation, and your bottom line.

What Now?

Join me in exploring the rich tapestry of opportunities that AI weaves into the fabric of digital marketing, where technology and human creativity converge to redefine engagement and connection. I will be exploring the changes in AI and how it will help businesses succeed today and far into the future. Connect with me on Linkedin and let’s see where tomorrow takes us.

*In full transparency, I previously worked for Publicis’ Razorfish Agency as a Content Strategy Director.