AI and Content in 2024

A woman collaborating with an AI on a computer screen

2024 is going to turn a new page in the craft of Content Strategy. As we take a peek into this future, Artificial Intelligence is one character that really stands out. Not as the lead – that role will continue to be had by the masterful human storyteller. No, all signs indicate AI is really going to shine playing the part of the trusty scientist back at the lab. Crunching the numbers, analyzing the data, and building the bridges between consumer need, intent, and usage and the storyteller’s art of crafting a compelling narrative.

AI will be working behind the scenes to empower those lead storytellers with data-driven insights and tools, enhancing the art of crafting compelling narratives for your business. It’s already started. Here are some of the AI offerings that can already contribute to your business success:

These companies and their products are just a few of all of the businesses that are integrating AI into various aspects of content strategy, from creation and personalization to analysis and optimization. As the field of AI continues to evolve rapidly, you can expect new entrants and developments in this space every day.

What does 2024 have in store for content strategy in this AI-human partnership? All of this and so much more. It’s an exciting new chapter. Alongside this, we navigate the crucial ethical pathways that come with such advanced technology. Join me in exploring the rich tapestry of opportunities that AI weaves into the fabric of digital marketing, where technology and human creativity converge to redefine engagement and connection.

*In full transparency, I previously worked for Publicis’ Razorfish Agency as a Content Strategy Director.

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