Read This: Stop Doing That Sh*T by Gary John Bishop

Stop Doing That Sh*t by Gary John Bishop

So we have been down this road before with Gary John Bishop and I have to say, I love this book as much as the previous “Unf*ck Yourself“.

When Gary talks to you (and in these audiobook versions I’m suggesting you pop on over to Audible and use your last credit for RIGHT NOW, he does talk to you) he cuts through all the sickly, sweet excuses we give ourselves each day and gets right to the heart of what causes us the most pain in our lives – our own actions and inactions.

In this book, he gets right into where we are hurting ourselves most and helps us think through the “Why”. It’s all about understanding how we began these thoughts that drive the self-sabotage that forms our lives day over day. Then taking us through steps to not control the thoughts, but to break out of the actions we take that continue to lead us on the lives we do not want and dream of breaking free from.

“End Self-Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back”

Don’t expect cuddles and baby talk here. Gary instead gives you what you really need – a way to get you moving on the path to your own success in an honest and no-holds-barred approach. He is known for straight talk and a knack for hitting you over the head with a brick of truth that lets you see the bullshit (his words – and mine) that blocks you from the life you KNOW you should be able to create. And he does this with a brutally honest and oftentimes funny style that ultimately offers a series of steps that may not be easy, but are well worth doing.

“What you are acting on is your opinion of life”

Gary John Bishop

The book goes into how we get an opinion of life from the conditions we are born into, our past, our family, and the like, and how we create a narrative around those things that we may or may not have had any control over and what we tell ourselves about them. These things form our thoughts and create our opinion of life, which then form our actions. The things we have no control over don’t need to define us and he talks of self-acceptance and then how we can break free of all of that so we can be the people we choose to be.

Take a little listen to “Stop Doing That Sh*t” for yourself and then pick up the book. It’s go-to for me whenever I feel that self-sabotage slinking back – and it works.

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