Just a Little Update and Thought About Motivation

360 Capture of Historic Virginia Key Park Beach 2020

Well, it’s been some kind of time lately, hasn’t it?

I’ve been lucky to connect with some terrific and highly motivated people that are helping facilitate the 360 Streetview project I’ve been working on. Now is the time to do what we still can even through self-isolation, and good news, we are getting some behind the scenes things done. It’s exciting to see the pieces coming together!

Something to consider for your projects as well.

Just because things around you are out of your control, you still have a say in the way your life and your dreams head. Ultimately you are the one to do the thing if it’s something you truly want to do. Take this time for planning if you can’t get out doing. Take this time for thinking through the things that you can do and map out a path on how to get there.

Mahogany Hammock Trail Everglade
Mahogany Hammock Trail Everglades

Motivation can be hard, but what’s even harder is kicking yourself day in and out for not doing the things you dream of – for not heading toward your goals – for not trying. It doesn’t matter what those goals are, just that they are yours.

So don’t think – do. And the next thing you know, you have taken another step toward the place where your dreams live. Don’t wait for motivation. Just take the action toward the goal. The motivation will catch up with you, don’t worry.

Gary John Bishop on Getting Out of Your Head!