Laura Medley’s Resume

Digital and Content Strategy, and Emerging Technology

We’re not just living in a brick-and-mortar world anymore; the digital space is every bit as real. Real people interact and engage more than ever in the digital space and because of that authentic human connections are at the heart of today’s digital success. So, let’s see it through our customers’ eyes, not just our corporate lens.

Gone are the days of just plastering products on a page and overwhelming folks with ads. Now, it’s about crafting meaningful digital experiences that make the journey as memorable as the end goal.

But how?

With the plethora of consumer data and the greatest emerging technology business has ever seen at our fingertips, we’ve got everything we need. Through considerate analysis, great storytelling, and the viewpoint of our customers we can forge real, impactful connections more easily and more thoughtfully than ever before. We can craft real conversations with our customers, offering them tailored authentic experiences that not only draw them in but make them our biggest advocates.

Throughout my digital journey, I’ve been dedicated to creating exceptional consumer experiences grounded in data. With the advent of secure and unbiased AI models, this focus has only intensified. The key now, more than ever, is to center our strategies on “people”, understanding their needs and desires. It’s about delivering what the consumer is really looking for through authentic content and thoughtful experiences.


Recent roles

2020 – Present
Digital Strategy Director
– Disruptive Technologists

Reimaging the digital footprint, technology, marketing and user experience at a NYC technology think tank and media non-profit dedicated to enhancing inclusion of diversity in the tech space.

2020 – 2023
– Razorfish
Content Strategy Director

Developed strategic recommendations, comprehensive planning, and implementation of content strategies, and new AI and other content-related technology integration for top global brands.

2017 – 2020
Website Director
– Greater Miami CVB

Pioneered an innovative and integrated digital tourism environment and “Experience Engine” tailored to modern travelers that included directing digital and content strategy, planning, and development.

2012 – 2017
– Sapient/Global Consulting
Director Digital/Content Strategy, Project Manager

Created, planned, and managed strategic and digital marketing initiatives for world-renown sports and entertainment, pharma, fintech, ecommerce for the US and China audiences.


Digital Strategy | Content Strategy | Digital Marketing | Content Creation | Content Migration | Editorial Process | Content Tool Implementation | Data Structure | Data Analytics | Martech Implementation | Project Management | Artificial Intelligence | AI Prompting | AI Tool Implementation | Digital Experience Design | Personalization | Marketing Automation | Customer Journey Mapping | Branding | Digital Product Development| 360/Video Production | Ecommerce | Social Media | SEM | SEO | Global Market Insight | Leadership | Start-up | Google Street View | Google Partnerships


MIT Artificial Intelligence edX (in progress)
Google Data Analytics Certification (in progress)
Baruch City University of New York
University of Miami
Miami Dade College


Publicis Conscious Mind Board, Viva Women in Technology, Disruptive Technologists NYC


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