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People want to have great experiences. Whether it’s when choosing that perfect gift for their child’s birthday or planning a romantic trip with their favorite someone, people want to feel good about what they are doing and how they do it.

My passion is to find ways to make that happen in the digital space and beyond. To allow people not just to do what they need to easily and quickly, but enjoy the journey. Now more than ever people need a way to have those great experiences as they spend more time than ever in front of a screen.

It starts with innovative solutions to do just that –  ones that not only enhance revenue but allow people to break the digital barriers and experience the joy of what is possible.

They are Out There

Great experiences drive action and people are looking for them with every click.

Today experiences transcend the differences between “IRL” or “Virtual”, because ultimately in a person’s view whether you are physically in a store or visiting a shop online they expect an easy and enjoyable outcome. People don’t differentiate anymore. If they have a bad experience online, they expect (true or not) they will have a bad experience in person. All things play a part: the company website is broken, no way to find contact information, products sold out, bad images, the app is confusing, just to name a few.

It goes even deeper than that today with a person’s expectation that the brand or company they are interacting with already know what they like, want, and need and bring them joy along the way (yes, even when dealing with terrifying things like visiting the DMV for example). People expect real personalization and not just an easy path from point A to B, but also an AMAZING experience along the journey.

Now more than ever the lines have blurred in how people interact with your brand. With most people doing so much more online than ever due to Covid, it’s not just important to give them personal and enjoyable experiences to help sell your product or service, but it is the very thing that can decide whether they will go to your brand or another to get what they are looking for. It’s THE essential thing to drive the action it takes to make that purchase, hire you for that service, view your video, or whatever your offering-de-jour is.

I have created just those kinds of experiences that have driven monetization, expanded reach and fan base, and made the consumer’s journey at least just a bit more enjoyable if not a downright thrill. I can help your brand as well.

Marketing Technology and Today’s Virtual World

Marketing Technology is not new, but it is more important than ever with the challenges of all the virtual living we are doing right now.  With consumer touchpoints continuously evolving and digital platforms becoming more the way we communicate with not only friends and loved ones, but also businesses and brands,  it’s key to stay on top of the very latest tech that can drive your business directly to your customer.

Long gone are the days of “if you build it, they will come”. Today people expect you to be where they already are… if you are relevant to then, that is. Luckily for us, marketing technologies are now more than ever, able to get your brand to exactly where your customer is – and let you have real one-to-one conversations that can be the difference between you and your competitor getting not only the sale but the advocate.

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I don’t really want to become normal, average, standard. I want merely to gain in strength, in the courage to live out my life more fully, enjoy more, experience more. I want to develop even more original and more unconventional traits. Anaïs Nin

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